Crash Report

I have had a crash occur several times in a row this evening. This is the chain of events.

  1. I conduct a search withing DT Pro.
  2. I click on one of the search results, a pdf document.
  3. Within the pdf is a hyperlink to a website. I click on that.
  4. On that website is a link to another PDF document. I click on that link and download the document.
  5. Up to this point, everything seems OK.
  6. I try to scroll through the new PDF. DT Pro crashes.

Now, it is possible that this is an available resources issue. But I just want to make sure there isn’t anything else going on.

System: Macbook Pro (2008 model with 4 GB RAM but only 13 GB free on the HD)
Other running programs: Firefox, Mail, Preview, Excel, Scrivener

Just realized I am running 2.0.4

Will update and see if that makes a difference tomorrow.

It’s also possible that you have downloaded a ‘strange’ PDF that will crash DEVONthink when displayed. In that case, you would have to switch to a view that doesn’t display the document, such as the Columns view, to select it for deletion.

If that’s the case, you might attach the PDF to a message to Support and we’ll take a look at it.

Yesterday I received in Support a link to a PDF on an Italian governmental site. That PDF when opened in Preview crashes Preview and also Quick Look. I would expect Italian Mac users to start objecting. :slight_smile: