Crash Upon Import

DT Office just crashed upon my first try to import a larger number (>300) of pdf files contained in a directory structure. This is the second crash today, the first happened while I was playing with the menus and options, doing nothing special.

What I did: I pulled the top level folder with the Cmd key pressed into one database inbox in the Sorter. DT was not running. Later I started DT and it showed a window like “importing x/316 files”. At about 200/316 the DT window just went away, no error message given. Finder told me that DT was unresponsive, after a few minutes the process disappeared.

Upon reopening DT claimed that the databases are already in use by another instance. I told it to ignore and continue.

I now have a folder named “F4B6652E-1322-4B53-A476-924468B6F2C7” (instead of its former name) in my inbox. The number of files seems to match what it was before. I haven’t checked thoroughly yet, though.

What can I do to avoid this?
Can you absolutely guarantee that even in this case no document is lost?


The DT protocol is empty and a database check found no errors. Is that good news?

The solution was very simple. I reinstalled DT and imported all data from scratch. This time I didn’t use the Sorter and had no errors. That was much easier and quicker than checking every document manually.

Could you send the crash logs (see ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter) to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks in advance!

Sorry I can’t. The oldest logs from that folder are two weeks old, and it happened nearly three weeks ago. Apart from that it didn’t seem like a usual crash to me - the window just went away and after a few minutes the process disappeared on its own. I saw that by observing the process table, but no message was issued by the operating system.