Crash w/ data loss after SaveAll

After importing large file sucessfully, I then divided it into many smaller files.
Then I was grouping those files manually.  I used SaveAll 4x.  DT crashed as I was continuing to group.  Verify said all was OK upon reopening.  But only 39 (of 500?) files were present in the main window.

The 10 files in AppSupp  are all 4KB except #1 & 7 which are 28KB and #2  which is 3.2MB!  The Backup folder also shows 10 files. #1 is 12Kb, #2 is 3.3MB, #7 is 24KB and the others are 4KB.

The DT crashed last night while I was doing the same, I  lost all and started a new after finding SaveAll, not in File but addly in Content.  The auto save (5 minute) seems not to work!   ???

SO!  Can I get my files back from one of the #2 files in AppSupp???

Difficult to tell without having access to the files. But please try this:

  1. Create a copy of the folder ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink
  2. Move the files from the folder "Backup" within this directory one level up (replacing the existing files).
  3. Launch DT

If this should fail, remove the folder ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink and rename the copy.

Thanx for the reply Christian.  THe Backup produced fewer files12 instead of 39 (instead of about 500).

What next??

Do you wish the # 1,2,7 files? The #1,2,7 files form Backup?

Stuff the complete DEVONthink folder (containing all database files - all 10 files build the database!) and its backup folder and upload the archives to our FTP server  <> and I’ll check next week what’s still there.

Christian, DEVONthinkDB sent.  Hope it’s not difficult to fix ani that we can learn how.

Christian,  ???
2 weeks ago you offerred to inspect my damaged file which I uploaded to you.  Have you any report?  I have not used DT since the  problem, awaiting your determination.
Thank-you for a reply.

The files are actually not damaged - there are no errors and no hidden contents ("Zombies"). Did you activate the "automatic flush" option? This should write back all modifications back to disk every 3/5/10 minutes and therefore prevent such problems.