Crash while editing a web archive

Ever since I learned that I could edit web archives like Webstractor does, I have been archiving a lot more web pages. I then go back and remove all the junk (i.e. ads, feedback, useless links, etc. I mean what is up with MSNBC articles anyway.) I think there is a problem with DTP though. It has crashed maybe 10% of the time and I have to reopen the application. Here is the web page I was just working on that crashed:

I hope you find this helpfull for locating any existing bugs to a great feature.

Could you send a crash log to our support address? Then we could check what’s causing the problem but I guess it’s “just” another WebKit issue. Thank you!

My practice is to capture most pages as rich text notes, based on selected material. I think that saves time compared to editing Web Archive documents. If further editing of the rich text note is needed, it’s much easier than editing a Web Archive document.

Your example link is a 2-page article. It can be captured quickly, with minimal extraneous material, by clicking on the Print button. That results in a 1-page format that can be selected and captured as rich text, with no editing needed.

I sent a crash log through apple. I think I missed my chance to send it directly to DT. Next time I will. Thanks.

The log should be still located in ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter - just send us the file related to DEVONthink. Thank you!