crashed again

so now every time i try and open up DTTG it crashes before it opens. have just tried it 4 times in a row. am on the iPad writing this right now—every other piece of software (App, if you will) I have for this thing works just fine, but DevonThink to go is such a huge damn dissapointment. Keep hoping it will get better but it doesn’t. I’ve got so much invested in existing databases on the mac, but if it won’t play with new technology might be time to switch. i’ve said this before but will say it again now, you really messed up the iPad software in a big big way.

I’m sorry DtTG isn’t working very well for you right now. I joined DEVONtechnologies last month and am trying to deal with these issues as soon as I can.

Assuming that you are syncing with iTunes, are there any crash reports in the following location?

If so, could you send a few of the most recent ones to That will help me associate the crashes with the actions better.

I have your exact problem for sometimes now (since 1.1 in fact).

1- Go into the multi-tasking queue (double click on the home button to see which applications are currently “running”)


2- Clear all applications (touch one app and hold until “-” appears on all of them).

DTTG will now start. However, you will have to do the same once it crashes again…