Crashes and solutions

Like others, DT crashed and I lost a lot of work.
I understand that for now it doesn’t have an autosave feature.

But Bill_DeVille said this in another thread:

“Yes and no. If you are editing a rich text file and then select another document in a view window, your changes will be automatically saved.”

I changed windows before the crash but DT still opens the file from much earlier than that. Are the files stores elsewhere?
Also I took a look at the backup it does but it’s only metadata, aren’t there any text files in there?

While I agree that an autosave option might not be the best thing for everyone, I think what DT should at least do is something like Textedit does now: it does not autosave your document but keeps a copy of a current unsaved version somewhere and in case of a crash, it will be able to restore this file next time the application is launched.

I agree. DEVONthink should be a modern application and use Lion autosave and save-a-version features for documents that are editable inside DEVONthink - .txt, sheets, PDF annotation, .html, etc.

Edit changes will be saved if one selects a different document in the same view. That’s not the same as switching to a different window, which doesn’t trigger save.

For Autosave, I set up a background action with KeyboardMaestro.
Screenshot of Keyboard Maestro.png

Hi guys,

Thanks for your feedback.
Windjung, this seems like an interesting solution. I’ll check it out. There was also the foreversave solution.

But Bill_DeVille, I can understand an autosave feature might not be desired by everyone (myself included since I’m syncing my database on dropbox), wouldn’t you think that implementing a feature like Textedit where it keeps a copy of a current unsaved document somewhere else in case of a crash or power failure would be a great thing to have?

It wouldn’t autosave and write changes constantly, it wouldn’t save a document we don’t necessarily want to save, it would only keep a backup data of those unsaved documents outside our databases. (faster read/write)

doesn’t that make sense?
yes, no?

I’m not sure why you would NOT want to save a document in progress – I lost some work (not much, thank goodness) because the computer rebooted for no reason while DEVONthink was open, and I hadn’t saved it, just days ago. I keep my .dtBase2 files in an encrypted disk image file, and miraculously nothing else was lost. I was going to ask for an autosave feature, thinking no one ever thought of it before :smiley:

Obviously autosave should be an option, but if the Lion/MountainLion versioning feature is used, then even those of you who don’t want a document autosaved will be able to recover an older version.

I take the crude step of exporting my document after I save it - a habit I got into from the days that DEVONthink stored everything in a database instead of files. That was after a disastrous loss of data - I don’t even like to think about it.