Crashes on Covert to Rich Text

Evaluating DT, love it, but when I add web links and later attempt to covert to rich text, it crashes about 75% of the time. Is this a function of the complexity of the page?

this should not happen, I have no problems with that. Crashes in my experience are due to system hacks or some other broken files.

If you send your DT crash log to the developers, they will check what caused the repeatable crashes and either work on DT or give you advice about the “responsible” file on your harddisk. It helped me once last summer and improved the stability of my whole system btw. :wink:

Hope this helps,

I am running Tiger, I wonder if that might have something to do with it. I’ll do as you suggest, thanks.

I have the same problem: DT crashes always and repeatedly when trying to convert HTML to RTF using the Data>Convert command. Will keep You posted if the support team of DevonTechnologies come up with an answer.

Well, DevonTech responded withing 30 min of my emailing them. Great job!!

Their answer: “There’s currently no way to bypass this as it’s a bug of Apple’s WebKit (the Safari engine). One solution would be to convert the text to plain text as this does not need the WebKit or to select the contents of the page, copy them and to paste them finally in a new document.”

I rarely capture HTML pages, preferring instead to capture RTF(D) containing the selected text/images of a Web page.

Using either DEVONagent’s browser or the built-tin browser of DT/DT Pro, select the desired content from the page being viewed, Control-click and choose the contextual menu option for capturing rich text.

If you wish to convert existing HTML documents in your database to rich text, the above procedure will work. (Make sure you have captured the URL in the conversion, which probably requires you to be online.) After the conversion, delete the HTML version of the document.

Apple’s Cocoa text keeps getting better, and I would expect this bug will be eliminated in a future release of the OS.