Crashes with PC keyboards

I upgraded to DTPro 1.0 the first day it was available and have applied the 1.0.1 update. Before griping, let me say that Pro is wonderful, and getting better. Can’t work without it.

My problem: With version 1.0.1 the program crashes when a file in a window is selected with the mouse and the ‘command’ key on a PC keyboard. I swapped the command and alt keys on the PC keyboard using the ‘Keyboard and Mouse’ prefpane in the System Preferences. These crashes do not happen with a standard Apple keyboard.

For example, if I want to group two non-contiguous files, selecting a file with the mouse and the command key causes the program to crash (not freeze). I went back to version 1.0 and the same action works as it should using the same PC keyboard.

I use a short Adesso PC keyboard model MCK-91 (it’s just like a laptop’s) because I have a trackball on one side of the keyboard and another device on the other side that are used continually. Having the short keyboard is much more convenient.

I have no other PC keyboard to check this with. Is this a problem with the Adesso keyboard or is it a bug in version 1.0.1?


I have had the same problem with DT personal 1.9.5. In my case I’m using an apple keyboard and it seems to only happen with certain pdf files. The last problem file was one that I had created through the print dialog.


Hi, Tim!

This happens no matter what kind of file it is, or group, for that matter. RTF produced in DT, PDF, URL, Group, whatever.

Sorry I missed your post…I thought I had searched more throughly.

This situation has me in a dilemma: Do I use the Apple keyboard and v1.0.1 which has features I really like, or revert to v1.0? The answer may seem simple, but I use DTPro so much that it’s important to me. It’s always open, and I hazard a guess that I using it is a third of my entire computer usage.


I also have a problem of this kind: DTPro crashes when I select multiple files of different kinds (e.g 2 pdf’s and 3 rtf’s). Selecting a big number of files of the same kind just works fine. This does not happen with DTpersonnal, for which multiple selections do not cause any problem. (I have an apple keyboard and a logitec mouse.)

Thanks, Alb for your reply!

I was beginning to think my beloved G5 was haunted. I switched back to the as-issued Apple keyboard but experienced the same problem in DTP 1.0.1 that I reported before. I, with a great sigh of resignation, thought that it was the way I was using the program that caused the crashes, and didn’t want to keep whining about something that might be my problem rather than the DTP’s.

I use DTP for heavy research and depend on it (and use it) more than any other program on the computer. All new docs go into a group called “Drop Box” where they are edited, etc then sent to an appriate group. These docs include things imported from the Internet, scans, imports…all kinds of file types. I even do the majority of my writing in DTP. So the ability to move files is of paramount importance. Thanks for the observation that the selection of different kinds of files cause the crash…I tried it and the program quit immediately!

The outcome of all this is that I’m switching back to DTP 1.0 and hooking up my Adesso PC keyboard as soon as I finish this post.

I do hope that someone at DEVONtechnologies will notice these posts and fix this problem. I was an early adopter of DTP and have never used the later versions of PE. It seems that the problem was somehow fixed in DTP1.0 but apparently still exists in PE and DTP 1.0.1.

Thanks again, Alb!

The issue will be fixed in the next release. In the meantime, removing the “Open externally” item from the toolbar should improve the stability.

Thanks! I’ll try that.

It works!

Thanks so much for your help.