crashing DEVONthink repeatedly with large import


For laughs I imported the O’Reilly bookshelf I have into DEVONthink.  “Hey, handy searching on everything from DNS & Bind to Oracle!”

No good!

My databases swelled to 226 MB as expected, but it beach-balled me and I had to force quit after a large amount of time.  

I stopped it, removed the lockfile, started DEVONthink, and it didn’t show my data was there in the Group I created.

"Time to verify!"

22,400+ errors, 0 inconsistancies.

I told DEVONthink to fix it, and it just spun all night.  This morning it was still only 1/4 of the way through.  So I canceled it, removed it, restored the backup from an hour prior to the O’Reilly import and it seems well again.

Any ideas?

I can’t send y’all my actual database, but I could do an import into a blank one and see if it fails too.

That’s a good idea. In addition, if you’re interested I’ll send you the latest 1.7beta fixing a few nasty bugs (I don’t know which file format the O’Reilly stuff uses but HTML/XML was heavily affected by those bugs).

Anyway, I’m optimistic that DT 1.7 is able to import the data (although some patience may be necessary :smiley:)

Please do!

You have my email address on file still, I bet!  (I’m the person writing an article on DEVONthink that wrote you two or three times last week - using 1.7 now but it was the build you sent me last week)

Now, I have a lot of a) embarassing b) business related c) personal information in this database.  I cannot sanitize it as far as I know, so I may not be able to send.  I’ll try a blank database, import that, and send that along.

There’s no easy way to switch DB’s in this build, is there?

You’ll receive the next beta as soon as it’s available.