Crashing DT while importing old DTPro 1.5.4 to DTPO beta

Hello Christian, Bill and everyone else!

first off it’s been a while since I visited the forum… I’ve used DT daily since 2003 but had to give it up the last couple of years when my database became too unwieldy to use on my 17 inch G4 powerbook with 2 Gb of ram (running DTPro 1.5.4 and tiger!). Now I’ve got me a shiny new quadcore i7 iMac running SL with 8 Gb of ram and yesterday upgraded my pro licence to DTPO so no more excuses!

Here’s the trouble that needs ‘shooting’ with your kind help.

When I try to open my old db with DTPO I get the alert that the db needs to be updated. According to the log window all the files export okay but DTPO crashes while importing. I’ve run verify and repair and back up and optimize on the old db with DTPro 1.5.4 with no errors. I’ve also tried to rebuild the database in DTPro 1.5.4… all the files export fine but again the app crashes on import leaving me with a larger db.

I’ve got tons of free disk space on my new machine. The old database is 4.5 Gb in size with roughly 7,500 groups, 12,000 images, 3,400 rich texts, and 1,500 html pages.

I’ve gone through the forum but haven’t been able to find the advice I need. I’ve saved the last crash log (trying to rebuild 1.5.4) and can send it to DT Support if necessary.

What should I do next?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Kind regards,

– Paul

Suggestion: Send a message to Support. Include a brief description of the problem and a link to this thread. Attach the crash report.

Yeah, the new iMac with the i7 CPU is a good one. The 27-inch display is perhaps the best I’ve ever seen.

Thanks Bill, I’ve done that. And yes the new machine is amazing. I’m glad I waited and didn’t get a new machine last March… :smiley:

Snow Leopard doesn’t like some “legacy” web archives right now, the next beta of DEVONthink 2 will include a workaround.

Yes thanks Christian. Just installed the latest beta and finally was able to open my old database in DTPO 2!

Great stuff. And again thanks!