Crashing in Mountain Lion

I’m running the newest version of Devonthink Pro Office under mountain lion—it’s crashing every 3 minutes. Very, very frustrating. Longtime loyal customer, pondering next steps. I’m tied in, a bit, to devonthink, but if this keeps up, I"ll find a way to untie myself…

DEVONthink should perform well under Mountain Lion. My impression is that Support receives fewer problem reports than under earlier versions of OS X.

Please locate a recent DEVONthink crash report and copy/paste it or attach it to a message to Support. This may provide useful information to diagnose the problem.

You may locate the crash report by running the Console app (see the crash logs) or at ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/.

Thanks BIll, just sent a crash log to support as you suggested. Sorry for the frustrated tone of yesterday’s message, but it had crashed (just counted the crash logs) 7 times in 15 minutes, and I was (at the moment) at wit’s end. Hope you can get to the bottom of it!

All best,

Every crash I have had in recent memory has been due to Apple’s buggy WebKit-just sent in some crash reports this morning that I experienced over the weekend. The 2.4.3 release appears to be much better about handling this problem, but problems remain. Hopefully either a) Apple gets this fixed or b) Christian finds a work-around.