Crashing on Mai import / Archive

I’m only dealing with about 20K messages.

I’m initiating from inside of DTP. It will go through several folders & then just crash out losing all its progress.

I have apple mail and outlook pointing at the same mail server and both applications have all the email messages.

DTP crashes when pointed at either of the email clients so it seems to follow the content inside one of the mail messages.

Anyone have any ideas?


I thought mail import/archive was a feature of DTPO and not DTPO .

D**n autocorrect… What I meant was

I thought mail import/archive was a feature of DTPO and not DTP.

I have DTPO, and have the same problem: import (or archive) a large email collection goes for a few email folders then crashes. What do I do? This was one of the main functions for which I bought DTPO!


Is the mail you’re trying to import stored on a remote mail server? Ideally, the mail should be imported from a local source (ie. stored on your machine).

If your source is local, I would also open a Support ticket for this and send any crash reports and/or Console logs to help us troubleshoot the issue.

It happens both with a local .mbox file AND using the helper.

Thanks for the suggestion! Will do.

For the record, I’m still having this problem, but haven’t had time to submit a crash report.

I wonder…it the mailbox name has a strange character, will that cause a problem? I initially had a mailbox named “$$$”, and that seemed to crash Dtpo.

I’m experiencing this too, using the Apple Mail importer plugin. It’s made it through about 10k messages and crashes at the same point every time.

Please choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key and send the result to cgrunenberg - at - - thanks!