Crashing problem


I was going to piggyback on the previous thread about this from a few weeks ago, but that person I think had DT Pro.

I’ve got DT Personal, and it’s started doing random crashes when I click on files to view them in the right hand pane. Not any specific file, though. These crashes are fairly instantaneous, with no long beachballing or freezing.

It all started a couple of weeks ago, when I did a ‘Verify and repair’, which was fine, and then a ‘Backup and Optimise’ - it got most of the way through that, and then crashed instantly. I’ve done verify and backup again a few times since then and there are no problems shown, but this keeps on happening.

I haven’t done a database rebuild yet. Should I send over my crash logs?



Just send the crash logs to our support address and we’ll check this.

Thanks a lot - it’s now on its way.