Crashing When CHanging Synch Computers

I’m finding it is not always that easy to change from Synching desktop to synching laptop.

A couple of times I’ve had a Synch screen with no buttons in the bottom button bar — I simply can’t do anything!

I’ve had to delete the app and then restore it.

I can’t offer a suggestion on why you are having an issue, but I can offer a better way of reseting DEVONthink To Go than deleting the app. Go into the Settings app and under DEVONthink To Go, set the ‘Reset>Reset at Start-up’ option to On.

The bottom toolbar has disappeared on me quite often too. Closing the app thru the multitasking app list and restarting fixes it.


Glitches like this will be addressed in 1.1 which comes with a heavily overhauled internal UI structure.