Crashing when clicking on one resource


Need help. When I click on one particular scan+pdf resource in my database Devonthink Pro Office 2.9.14 crashes/freezes and I have to do force quit.

The same resource can be opened through Devonthink to go on my phone and ipad, but not on my macbook pro.

The rest of the Devonthink system behaves 100% normally.

So far I have clicked on Tools - Verify and Repair

What else can I do? What is causing this? I have the error log if useful.

Please start a Support Ticket and include the log.

Outcome: Had to turn off VIEW>PDF DISPLAY>SIDEBAR

The very quick and helpful support team told me that they have passed this issue to the development team. They said that there wasn’t anything I could do from the user side. So now I’m excited to see them tackle this bug soon so that this functionality can be restored. I will post again when they have fixed it.