Crashing with large PDFs

Hi there,
I’ve been having a really tough time with Devonthink crashing with PDFs in my databases since the last update or since installing yosemite (not sure which). Everytime I do a search, and click on the pdf, DT completely crashes. Any ideas? Is this a bug, or something on my end?

If you are running DEVONthink Personal 2.7.3 from the Mac App Store, it is not Yosemite compatible (and Apple hasn’t approved the next release). You can download a new isntaller from here and replace your current copy:

This is a MAJOR problem!

I am afraid I am having the same problem and I am not running the app store version of DT Pro Office.

DT is falling over all the time as soon as particular pdfs are accessed, generally within a split second of them being displayed. The problem occurs in a very high percentage of the pdfs. There is nothing special in terms of size or anything else about the pdfs that cause the crash as far as i can tell. All are pdfs ocred in Acrobat.

This is the first time I have opened this database post the Yosemite install. Its definitely a Yosemite problem related to the interaction between DT and Yosemite’s pdf handling.

I have done a verify and repair and there were no errors. Reinstalled but still crashes when trying to open some pdfs.

Help!! :cry:


Hi. This is a problem that has been reported and a fix is supposed to be on the way with 2.8.2.

I am experiencing the same thing with just about any PDF using 2.8.1, though sometimes everything works fine, and other times it doesn’t. For now, thumbnail view and opening PDFs with Acrobat or Preview is the way to go.

Thanks for the tip. That will get me through in the meanwhile. I hadnt thought of using thumbnail view.


Try closing the thumbnail sidebar (View > PDF Display > Sidebar)

Do you have an alternative persona as a drop in super hero korm :open_mouth: ! Thanks

That does seem to have stopped the crashing, even on pdfs that were crashing before.
I turned the pdf thumbnail pdf sidebar off where ever I found a pdf with it open. The strange thing is that I don’t think the pdfs which were the cause of the crash had a side bar open- or at least they don’t now that I can open them.


Thanks all – glad it wasn’t just me.

2.8.2 (just released) seems to have solved the problem. What a relief. I have to say that it is nice to be able to scroll through PDFs again. Thanks for taking care of this!