When I open a large database, I get a dialog that states “Initializing & Verifying,” and it hangs with the beach ball. Any suggestions? I’ve recreated the database twice with no luck. Version 2.03

When you say “large database”, what does that mean? If, for example, you are capturing (either by Index or Import) more data than your computer’s RAM resources can handle, the database can take a long time to open, or even generate an error message.

Christian notes that the current maximums for a DT database are about 200,000 documents and about 300 million total words. But a lot of Macs can’t handle such a database with acceptable performance.

When you say you “recreated” the database, how was that done?

I manage more than 200,000 documents in DT Pro Office databases, but among a number of topically defined databases, each of which is small enough to remain very responsive on my Macs. I want searches to be quick, See Also suggestions to pop up immediately, and I never wan to see a spinning ball. My main database, for example, is very quick, and contains about 30,000 documents and about 37 million total words. I always have it open, along with several other smaller databases for differnt types of content.