Crawler Username/Password with "@&quo

I’m currently trying to crawl books I have subscribed to in OReilly’s Safari Library.
The User/Password combo is / cleverpassword.
What DA makes out of this is User: name, Password:

How do I get Da to recognize the entire name including the "@" and what follows as User?


you could try to replace the @ character with %40 (the next release should fix this problem).

Just discovered a bug in the password handling (glitch of the NIB files) which version 1.3 (coming this week) will fix.

Thanks Christian. DA 1.3 solved this problem, anyway.
However, I was still unable to get DA to D/L safari pages: the login is not handled in the URL, but by Cookie (I guess), which apperntly DA does not (yet?) understand.
Maybe I also did something wrong, being a dummy   :slight_smile:

DA does not yet use cookies while scanning/crawling (as a little usage of DA could result in huge cookie files and lots of cookies you don’t want) but version 1.x will probably add an option to enable cookies.