Crazy, impressive voodoo!

DEVONthink and DTTG on latest iOS and macOS are doing some impressive things. I have to take my hat off to the engineering work here. It’s amazing.

I have a folder on my Mac which is indexed in DEVONthink. It syncs to my iPad, including files created in external applications. I can open up these files from the iOS ‘files’ application, change them on the iPad, and then they sync back down to my Mac disk via DEVONthink, all seamlessly and elegantly. This is particularly impressive as some of those applications won’t even sync files outside their own storage silos between iOS and macOS.

I know this isn’t the focus of the DEVON suite, but that it does this with such gusto, on top of the analysis and classification features, is really impressive stuff.

Just wanted to say thanks. The things this software does continues to impress me.

Thanks for the kind words of support and encouragement! It is indeed very cool stuff (and much more to come in the near future!) :smiley: