Create a group at top level of database in 3 pane view

I do most of my work in DT using a single database with a top level group corresponding to each project (or in some cases topic). When I am starting work on a new project I want to add a new top level group but find that if I have already selected an existing group in the folder pane then I can’t unselect it and there is no open space at the bottom of the pane to right click on. So I wind up creating my new group as a sub-group and then dragging it to the top level.

Any advice on the simplest way to create a new top level group?

I am using DTPO 2.2.1


I believe Go > Top Group or the Top Group button on the toolbar are broken in 2.2.1 (bug report has been filed; fix to come later). Normally you would use the button or the command, and then Data > New > Group or shift-command-N.

For now, to get to the top level click away from any group - say, click in the empty are below all the groups in the groups pane - and then use Data > New Group or shift-command-N

Or, if there’s no empty area in which to click, Command-click on an existing selection to deselect it.

Thanks to korm for letting me know that the Top Group button will eventually solve the problem. I found reference to it in the forums, tried it, and it didn’t work. Will stay tuned on that.

And thanks to Bill for the solution. Just tried it and my problem is now totally solved! That will totally work for me.