Create a new .md file in DT


Is there a way to create a .md file (with this ending!) in DT like I create .txt etc.?
Thanks for y’all help


Dominik the only way I have found to to create new files with a specific file extension (aside from creating it in outside of the program and dragging it in), is to create a very simple template file with the proper file extension.

Just add a file with the desired extension to $HOME/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Templates.noindex (or to some sub-directory inside of that directory).

I name the file with the same name as the language. So, for example, you could create a file named “” and place it in the above directory. Then it will be available in “New from template…” section.


In addition to @gordyt’s suggestion, if you create a plain text file (Data > New > Plain Text) and give that file a name with the .md extension, then it will be stored in the filesystem with that extension and associated with whatever program you have assigned to editing MarkDown files. IOW, when using Data > Open With or Data > Show in Finder. In DEVONthink, the “Kind” will appear as “Text” but the filesystem knows it the file is MarkDown.

Also, be sure to click Data > New From Template > Update Templates Menu whenever you manually add a new template so that the menu is updated and displays your template(s).

Thanks that helps!