Create Duplicate From Favorite

Are we unable to create a duplicate of an item saved to Favorites? My issue is I have a specific folder group “client file template” that I regularly have to duplicate when I am opening new files. Given the frequent access I thought “ok, let’s favorite this thing so I don’t have to keep going to it in the hierarchy.” But when I right-click that item on the favorite list and Duplicate To → 1 Projects, absolutely nothing happens. All the menus operate/highlight as one would expect, as if the operation is going to work, but once I click on Projects and all the menus go away, I do not have any “client file template” in the Projects folder.

Is it not possible to do this operation because the favorite item is just a kind of marker for the actual file group?


Why aren’t you just using a template instead of trying to duplicate a favorited item?

Select your group “client file template” then choose File > Export > as Template. You can then use this template from the Data > New > New From Template any time you need to.

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Sounds like a swell idea but I can’t do that, as the as Template menu item is grayed out. This “template” is Group that has organized subfolders and documents pre-populated in it that will be used in almost every new client file. Those that end up irrelevant are just deleted when the time comes.

In fact, is this possible at all? I even created an empty group to test this and it still isn’t possible. Only thing I am able to export as a template is a document. I am only able to export groups as a database archive.

What version of DEVONthink and operating system are you running?
I’m seeing no issue here.

Post a screen capturemof what you’ve selected and are seeing.

DT 3.9.1 and OS 13.4 (all current).

Make your selection in the item list as shown in my screen capture.

PS: Development would have to assess making the command available in the navigate sidebar.

Yep, that worked. Did not even occur to me it would make a difference if I chose it in the sidebar. Thanks!

You’re welcome and yes, the Navigate sidebar does have some functional differences as its true purpose is navigation. The item list is for navigation but also interacting with your database’s items – groups and documents.