Create feed from twitter account

Until one of latest updatest (DT 3.5 i think) I was able to have a feed from several twitter accounts (observing tweets od specific user). In some point of time it stopped working, and I cannot setup new feeds anymore.

Maybe the Twitter API changed, but if this is still possible how I could setup it now?

Twitter changed things. so no, this is no longer supported at this time.

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Does this mean that Data → New → Twitter Feed is currently a UI zombie (= without any functionality)?


I also found it. Unfortunately, seems so…

is there any chance to get it back through a work around on DT’s side? it seems some RSS reader apps (e.g. feeder) as well as standalone web services (e.g. are doing that. it would be really convenient to have twitter back, essentially saving an extra app and consolidating the twitte news flow into DT (again)…

No promises, but we can take a look.


Any news on this?

The only workaround currently is to use external services, e.g. or Create RSS feeds from almost any website

Another alternative that I have just discovered last night is

I have written about it in this message:

Bye, Luca

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