Create Markdown via URL Command with URL value

Is there anyway to set the URL in DEVONthink via URL Command if I also want to create the document as Markdown. createMarkdown seems to treat the location parameter differently than createText.

Here are my examples the [[commands]] are from a Drafts action but are replaced with text when the Action run [[draft_open_url]] is a link back to the Draft.

Works as I attended creates a new DT file with the Name and Body of the Draft with a link back to Drafts.

Creates a new DT file with the UUID from Drafts I assume being consumed from Drafts via location parameter [[draft_open_url]]

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URL handlers on the Mac are very limited and are almost only intended for bookmarklets & browser extensions. AppleScript & smart rules are recommended instead for automation.

However, the next release will improve this and your example should work.

Understood, I’ll watch for the next release. Thanks for the reply