Create new group when clipping to DT

Hi there!

Why can I not create a new group from the “via clip to DEVONthink” pop-up-dialogue?

It is really annoying to have to cancel first, then go to DT to create a new group to then come back to DA to add via the “via Clip to DT”-button…!

Any idea? Am I doing something wrong?
It used to be there some versions ago and it was one of the most convenient features ever in this matter…


+1 for replacing the group list in the DT clipper with the standard group selector (which allows for creating a new group as @KruePe suggested)

Meanwhile, as a workaround, I usually save PDFs by printing from Safari Reader, selecting the Save PDF to DEVONthink Pro option from the Print > PDF menu. I have set Preferences > Import > Destination > Select Group, and that causes the group selector to pop open.

Cool, thanks!

@DEVON: Please change anyway…!

Regards, David