Create or Edit Rich Text documents in Server

Hi - In the server is it possible to support creation of and editing of Rich Text documents?

Within the web application, you can view RTF documents however creation or editing are not supported due to the lack of javascript based RTF editors.

How about editing HTML documents?

There are surely javascript-based HTML editors but HTML documents cannot be edited with the server.

There are surely javascript-based HTML editors

Note: these are not part and parcel of running a web server, i.e., publishing a web site doesn’t automatically provide this functionality.

These editors you mention are also third-party frameworks, requiring investigation and testing, development, and also must fit with our internal roadmap - both mac and mobile. This is not a trivial thing to implement.

You can edit formatted notes which are based on HTML.

But in DT3 desktop I can edit an actual HTML page

I cannot do the same from the web server

Agreed it is not trivial

But the web server is a premium feature at a very notable cost

I think DT3 is an incredible product without parallel. It clearly will be indispensable for the work I do. I totally support your mission and respect what you have accomplished. That said, it seems to me that the web server remains sort of an afterthought in features despite more than doubling the cost of the software.

Thanks for the kind comments, but do note that the web sharing is not intended to be a full online workspace comparable to the native macOS application. There are inherent limitations in browser technology and the main purpose is allowing search and access of specific databases for non-Mac users.