Create replicants of items found by a smart folder

Hi. Would it be possible to create aliases of items found by a smart folder. If it is possible, I guess those replicas would have to be placed in another folder.

If you’re referring to actual aliases (not Replicants), yes, you could theoretically create aliases to items from a Smart Group, however…

  1. These aliases could not be stored in the database. They could potentially be made in a Finder folder.
  2. The aliases in the Finder couldn’t be imported or indexed into a database, as they’re an unsupported fileType.

Sorry about using the wrong term. I’ve edited the subject of my post, so that it can be found by other users.

I meant replicants. Is there any difference regarding my question?

Yes, it’s possible to generate replicants via AppleScript.

Would it also be possible to update the results with Applescritp? I mean adding and deleting files according to new smart folder results? Thanks.

This kind of bookkeeping wouldn’t be easily done. You could generate Replicants of items found in a Smart Group. And yes, you could generate new Replicants of files that appear subsequently. However, you’d need to keep track of what had been replicated. Also, if files no longer appeared in the Smart Group, it would require more tracking to remove Replicants of previous results. Now you’re running into a lot more trouble.

What exactly are you trying to do?

I was thinking of a way to link DT to TinderBox. I’ll abandon this course of action and stick to the limited feature, as of TB 7.3.0, to watch one DT folder (smart folders as well) per TB file. Thanks for your replies.

No problem.