Creating 2-column table or a tab-formatting in DTP's rtf's ?


Thank you!

Just wondering if there’s any new way to do this — through Markdown, RTF or some other means. Thanks!

Markdown provides for tables.

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Yes, I know — thanks! But when using Markdown in DTP, it doesn’t show the text live. That’s the problem with this approach, and why I’m still seeking another way to do this better.

Does this not help?

(From the user guide (also available through the in-app Help).)



Thanks for providing this…

The problem is the switching between the text editor and the rendered view. With an RTF file I don’t need to do switching; with Markdown, I need to edit using its syntax (which requires a bit more work) and I can’t see the edits / typing in real time as I’m doing it.

On the other hand, when I’m trying up notes in two-column table an RTF, it provide quick and easy editing and typing, but can be cumbersome to navigate (since I have to hit return on the bottom right column whenever the text / document expands) – and then there’s that jumping / bouncing effect that emerge as the document grows in length.

That’s why I’m still seeking another solution!

Thanks for your help…