Creating a group in DTTG using a URL Scheme via Workflow

I attend multiple work-related courses monthly. I add the emails/handouts/Certificates to DTTG, combine all the items into a group. Finally, I copy and paste the groups UUID to the notes or URL area of my calendar. Can workflow create and name group in DTTG with a file name that has the date, time - name of course? (2018-06-03, 16.23.00 - name)?

Indeed this is possible!
Here’s a simple (ie. editable) example: … 4cb1db5346

I don’t know how your reply slipped past me by, anywho just wanted to say thanks for the help. I can’t wait to dive into the sample Workflow you sent.

PS I heard on App Stories that DEVONtechologies is working on a big update to DEVONthink Pro for the Mac. This makes me so excited!!! Hope an update is in the works for the iOS version.


You’re welcome. We are always busy in here. Cheers!