Creating a group via URL

I am trying to construct a url to create a group in devonthink with the url of that group pointing back to omnifocus. The part I’m stuck on is the URL for devonthink to create the group with location and return to omnifocus with the url to the group.

In the docs I found the url scheme to be x-devonthink://createGroup?destination=[GUID of db]&title=[Title of group] and this works to create a group.

According to this post, DTTG supports x-callback-urls. Does DevonThink on the Mac support them? I know the docs say “no” but I’m hoping they are out-of-date. :slight_smile:

Additionally, the url scheme says that “location” can be used as a parameter to set the url for the resource being created (in this case this would be the group?) I’m trying to use this to store a value in the url attribute of the group but it isn’t working. Is there another parameter I should be using? For reference here is the url I am attempting to use:

x-devonthink://x-callback-url/createGroup?destination=[GUID for db]&title=[Name of OmniFocus Project url encoded]&location=[URL of OmniFocus Project url encoded]

I also tried simply “” incase the protocol was the issue.

URL handlers on the Mac are limited and basically only intended for clipping (e.g. used by browser extensions and bookmarklets). AppleScript or smart rules are usually recommended instead.

Thanks. That’s what I was afraid of.