Creating a group with Toolbar + icon vs Sidebar + icon

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

  1. Creating a group with the + icon from the Toolbar does not auto-select the new group being created. (possibly a bug)

  2. Creating a group with the + icon from the Sidebar (in lower left) creates a new group and auto-selects the group (so that its name can be edited etc).

Shouldn’t #1 perform the same action as #2?

If you are referring to creating a new group in the Navigate sidebar, the group is simultaneously created in the item list. The one in the item list should be selected and ready to be renamed. Are you not seeing that?

It’s when the “Show Only Documents” option is checked in View menu.

It creates the folder in the sidebar, but it doesn’t select it for naming.
If I remove the “Show Only Documents” option, the action is normal and I see it in the list view for renaming.

I get that the intent of the “Show Only Documents” view is to hide the folders in the list view. But I was expecting that the folder would at least appear for renaming in the sidebar under these circumstances. So that, in other words, the + button in the lower left and + button from the Toolbar would basically do the something in this instance.

Development will have to assess this. Thanks for your patience and understanding.