Creating a service for Devonthink Pro Office

There is a “Search with Duckduckgo” service in the Pro Office right-click contextual menu.
There is a “Search with Brave” in my MacOS Catalina contextual menu but it is not in the Pro Office contextual menu.

I would like to have “Search with Brave” available in Pro Office…
Can I make it show up in Pro Office or do I have to create a new service?

Services can be en/disabled in the system settings, everything else depends on the service (e.g. the expected data types) and the app (e.g. the data type of the selection). Which contextual menu did you actually use and what was selected?

Thank you for your response.
I wanted my service to appear in the DT right-click contextual manual.

Update: Since I posted my query, I have written a Applescript to “search with Brave” successfully. I am now trying to figure out how to get it into the list of Services so I can activate it with a right-click rather than go to the Script icon in the toolbar.

But which contextual menu actually?

The DT contextual menu for editing notes and other documents.

Selected text already has the Services menu available at the bottom of the context menu in DEVONthink 3.

  • Are you really running DEVONthink 2.x Pro Office?
    • If so, the 2.x line of DEVONthink has been out of development for a few years now. Also, the OCR engine in DEVONthink Pro Office is incompatible to macOS 10.15 Catalina and later. We strongly encourage you to upgrade to DEVONthink 3 sooner rather than later. Select ​DEVONthink Pro Office > Purchase ​to open our online store with upgrade options specific to your license.​ The Pro edition would be the natural successor to Pro Office. And yes, you should make sure you’re updated to 2.11.3 before upgrading.

PS: There is no note format. Please be clear and specific with your inquiries.

Noted. Thank you.

You’re welcome.