Creating a Smart folder within DTPO2

I just read this neat article on Macworld by Rob Griffiths about how to create a Finder Smart folder from within the open/dave dialogs when opening a document within an application (URL below).

I like the idea and I tried it out on a couple of applications and it works great - I can even create a very selective Smart folder for Bean, my word processor of choice, that shows only RTF docs created/modified in last six months.

These smart folders only show up in the open/save dialogs for the application in which they were created so your finder sidebar doesn’t get cluttered with mega smart folders.

However, I couldn’t get this trick to work within DTPO2. I have yet to try it in version 1 but it might work as interestingly when you go to narrow your search by clicking the + button, selecting the Kind > Others, the dropdown list includes Devonthink Pro 2 Database, Devonthink Pro Database, and Devonthink Pro document. Selecting any of those doesn’t bring up any DTPO databases in the selection list, all other things being equal.

What’s wrong here?

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It’s a handy tip indeed.

What’s wrong is that those keywords are used to find database entries in Spotlight-enabled databases. You need to add (Finder) Kind is Other “DEVON database”.

Actually, I think there’s an issue with the DTPO “Open Database” dialog. If you use the “Import Files” dialog (or the “Open” dialog in TextEdit, for example), they will find: Kind Others… “DEVONthink Pro 2 database” through the search query.

I think there’s another general issue in that the search feature won’t work on file types that are not openable by that application. But I haven’t played around enough with it to verify.

Then for some file types, there are many different “kinds.” Check RTF which has:

Rich Text Format (RTF)

Although that issue is more general than DTPO.

Best, Charles

What you’ve described is the way to create Finder smart folders and that works if you want a smart folder for general use while in the Finder but what makes this tip especially handy is that when you go to open a DB and you forgot for a moment what the name was, you can open the new application-specific smart folder in the open dialog to tickle your memory.

Please note that I feel that this is an extremely minor thing in the grand scheme of DT development. :slight_smile: