Creating a Smart Group to find documents not in a group

I’m attempting to organize thousands of pdf files by renaming the files and moving them to different groups and databases in DTPO. Could someone possibly steer me how to best automate this process or at least expedite it. I was attempting to set up a smart group and use see also & classify to quickly move like files to groups.

I am having an issue setting up the smart group to show only those files that are not yet in any group. This smart group would act as a remaining bucket of files to get through as I do the job.

What would be helpful?

  1. Advice/forum post or video tutorial on how best to organize thousands of old unnamed pdf’s quickly.

  2. Description of how to set up the smart group to only show items that are not in any group.


I cannot help with the organization question as the topic is so subjective. However, the items not already in a group is easy. If a document is not in a group, then it is located in the root level of the database. Switch to either the Split or Three Pane view and click in the middle (group) pane, below the list of groups. You’ll see all the documents in this root level in the file list.

That was exactly what I was looking for thanks. I figured I would need a smart group, but all those not in smart groups are displayed as you said when not selecting any item in Three pane view.

Now if I could only figure out how to batch rename via group with scan dates appended I’d be more than halfway to my goal.

Also, perhaps someone could show me how to use ‘See also and classify’ to move items from the inbox global database to another random group in another random database.