Creating a smart rule

I have a structure of indexed folders in my DEVONthink database like this:

Screenshot 2021-10-30 at 19.42.33

I would like to create a smart group which displays all documents from all subfolders in this structure but not from the subfolder named “folder 3 with different content”. Is this possible? In the smart group criteria I cannot find e.g. “Path” or “Location” to define a criteria like “Path is not ‘folder 3*’” or something like that.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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To my knowledge there is no direct way to do that. However, if you were to use group tags (if not already, then deselect Exclude groups from Tagging in the Get Info section of the context menu of the database in question; then select the top group in your structure (so my indexed content), and from the context menu deselect Exclude from Tagging. Now the contents of that group will be tagged with a tag which bears the name of the group, subgroup etc.; now you can include tag is not folder 3 with different content in the conditions for your smart group.

(See Group Tags on page 9 of the current DT3 handbook.)

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wow! that works great. I included in group tagging only the folder which I want to exclude from the smart group (just to prevent group tagging from blowing up my tags list)

thanks a lot @Blanc !