Creating clutterfree PDF from Bookmark with smart rule

I’m looking for a way to transform every bookmark that is put into the inbox folder and is marked. The bookmarks should be transformed to clutterfree PDF pages which is possible with a single click in the “Action”-menu from the internal browser showing the webpage as I click on the bookmark.

I could not find the option to create a clutterfree version as PDF. I only got the option to create a PDF direct from the page without removing any clutter. Is there a way to reduce the page before transform with smart rules?

The only option is to use a smart rule script and the create PDF document from command.

Ok, is there a manual for the DT scripts? I couldn’t find anything for create PDF document from.

Just drag & drop the DEVONthink onto the Script and it will show the complete script suite (properties, classes, commands) of DEVONthink.