Creating complex smart group queries

Is it possible to create complex smart group queries similar to how OmniFocus 3 allows creating and nesting multiple “All/Any” criteria sets, as seen in the below link?

I haven’t seen a way to do this, nor can I create a smart group that queries another “base” smart group to simulate this type of nesting. Given DT3’s power I would assume this would be a standard feature but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Are either of these capabilities – compound nesting, or allowing smart groups to query other smart groups for stepwise filtering – considered for a future release? Is there a way to vote for features?

When the smart group editor is open, hit the Option key and click on the elipsis

No, you can’t query smart groups with smart groups (or rules).

As @rkaplan correctly pointed out, you can nest subcriteria.

This is also covered the built-in Help > Documentation > Windows > Sidebar: Smart Group and Rule Editor.