Creating Custom Forms

I’ve tried this a couple of ways without success. Maybe someone will have a suggestion.

I’m wanting to create a form template with a half-dozen or so text fields - something like the phone note. I tried a PDF form which looked great but once I filled it out in DevonThink there didn’t seem to be any way of saving the content. Microsoft Word is not very elegant. The form is not complicated, just six or seven text fields with tab order and labels. A couple of the fields need to wrap and scroll.

Thanks for the suggestions.

The simplest way is to create an RTF file with the layout you want, and then use File > Export > as Template and save the file in the folder that DT will show you (…/Templates.noindex — don’t change this location, just Save).

Afterward, when you want a new copy of the form use Data > New from Template and chose your template from the list. DT will create a new copy – it will not override the template.

Did you create the PDF form in Acrobat, or some other PDF editor? If you have a PDF form, then using the same process mentioned above should work (File > Export > as Template to set it up, and Data > New from Template to make a new copy).

However, with a simple format, I think it’s easier to use the RTF approach.