Creating Forms

I posted a little over a year ago, but have a slightly different question.

I am wanting to create a form with a date field and about a half-dozen text fields (some of which scroll.) Adobe Acrobat X accomplishes this nicely, but there are two problems:

  1. If I import the file as a template, then I can fill it out but not save it;
  2. If I fill it out in Acrobat and import it, then when I synchronize it to DEVONthink To Go it shows up blank.

I understand that the Adobe PDF format is different from the one that you and Apple use. If there a more compatible form generator? Making a simple RTF form is not satisfying.

If you “print” that form as PDF after filling it out, the content of the form fields will be visible and searchable in DEVONthink (but the form fields will of course no longer be editable).

I haven’t checked Acrobat recently to confirm that it will let one print a PDF as PDF. If not, that can be done in Preview, before capturing the document to DEVONthink.