Creating (Groups, Smart Groups ..) when context selecting on item in database ... ugh!

I have a database (Main). I have created a Smart Group within that database (Smart Group A). I want to create another Smart Group within that database. I context click on Smart Group A. I select New Smart Group. I set it up as Smart Group B. I click OK.

–> Smart Group B ends up in the global collection of Smart Groups.


This a frustratingly unintuitive result. Why is Smart Group B not created immediately within the database Main?

Oh. And I cannot drag and move Smart Group B from the global into Main. So, I have to start all over.

And I have done this now more than I care to enjoy.


You Control-click on smart group A where?

ON the Smart Group that is INSIDE the database.

When you select the smart group in the Navigate sidebar and try to create a new one, you can’t put a smart group in a smart group. Should it default to Database, i.e., a local smart group? Perhaps, but Development will have to assess this.

Why not click the database name and choose New Smart Group… from the contextual menu?

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Well, of course not. But, as you say …

It should default to the level where the object is currently located. By which I mean, yes, when the click is inside a local database, the results of the action should land inside the local database.

Or we should not be able to have the context menus to create stuff unless we are clicking on an object of relevance. So, according to this …

… because the context menu options to create groups and rules and so forth do not work to do so inside the local database, they should NOT show when I click on an object inside the database. They should only show when I click on the database name.

And although I know different (a click on the local database will create something inside of it), why am I otherwise so frustrated? Well because, other database-like apps that I use create an object at the level of the object when I context click on an object. By example, I mean Curio and OmniFocus (the former does a more intelligent job than the latter). Context click on an Idea Space to create a new Idea Space, and the resulting Idea Space lands inside the current level (section or folder); it certainly does not end up at some global level somewhere else.




Here is what I ask to have changed …

When the Group is CLOSED, the action New … should put the content at the same level as the Group. It should not open the selected Group.

Here is the alternative.

This is an approach take in Curio with Folders. When the Folder is CLOSED, a new folder is inserted at the same level. When the folder is OPEN, a new folder is put inside.


Thanks for the bump! The list view already works that way, an upcoming release will probably add this to the sidebar too to make this consistent.

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