Creating links between DTP databases

Is there any way of creating a link between one DTP database and another? I want to remove a folder from an existing database and convert it into a separate database of its own, but retain a clickable link to it in the contents window of the original db, in the same way as happens automatically when you link to an unreadable file from apps such as OmniOutliner 3 or NovaMind - even a Wiki-type link from within a text doc would serve. Unfortunately it’s still not possible to open more than one DTP database at a time, but if the first was to close, allowing the second to open, it would at least be possible to make the connection. If DTP can handle links to docs from other apps with no problem, I had imagined it could do so with its own databases, but this appears not to be the case. Or am I missing something?



Not yet.

But as usual you can use a kludge to remind you of the existence and location of a group or document in another database. (Kludges are wonderful things. They allow you to accomplish a great many things that, at first blush, are not possible.)

For example, in the Comment field of a document in one database you can insert a note to yourself that database “Harry.dtBase” contains a group named “Primordial Conditions”. Just copy to the clipboard the string “Primordial Conditions”, switch to the other database, open the search window and paste the clipboard contents into the query field. Hit Return and you’ve found that group.

Now, even though the first database doesn’t contain that group named “Primordial Conditions” you can search for it to find that reference to it, with the name of the database that contains it.

Thanks for the super-fast response, Bill. Ooooof, that’s what I thought. Kludge is about right, I fear. I’ve opted for inventing an icon that reminds me that a folder has been converted into a new dbase, with a text note of where it is - another kludge, and it sure ain’t elegant. Here’s hoping the long outstanding issue of simultaneously opening dbases and links between them will be worked out eventually, perhaps even in the so-long awaited v. 2.

Cheers again