Creating links to other databases

Here is the scenario. I use DTP to store documents etc for family history and using the copy item link facility paste a link to DTP in my genealogical database, (Reunion 9). This works very well because I can then click on that link in Reunion and access all the documents I need in DTP. What I would like to do is somehow to link it the other way, so that I can click on a link in DTP and open up the relevant entry in Reunion. The problem I am trying to solve is that I would like to create a separate Reunion database for unrelated but important people to my family, (unfortunately Reunion doesn’t support links between its own entries). If I could link from DTP to that database then I would be using DTP as a sort of hub. (There is a discussion about this here: … #post29210)
Is there a way of doing this? Thanks.

As Reunion isn’t scriptable and doesn’t support links to its entries, I don’t think that it’s possible.

Thanks, I thought this might be the case.