Creating Nested Tags within database still possible in DevonThink 3.8?

I have used nested tags within a database for ages, and this still works with a pre-existing database in Devonthink 3.8 MacOS 12.1. (see screenshot database ‘Practical Magic’. But when I created a new database ‘Art’ the path for doing this described in online help (Data>New>Tag; see screenshot) does not exist (see screenshot, dropdown menu). Instead tags are appearing under globals as I manually create add tags to files.

Am I missing/ or have forgotten/ something, or missed a relevant post in the forum?


Welcome @macgarvin

Select the tag in the item list instead of the Navigate sidebar before adding the tag.

Thank you @BLUEFROG. While trying to work through what your answer meant I option clicked the ‘Art’ database icon, selected database properties, and saw that the option “Exclude Groups from Tagging” was checked. Unchecking that resulted in tags being created within the database as required. So the problem is solved

Glad to hear it.

But are not nested tags something different to groups?

Need to re-read the documentation.

Yes, they are distinct.

However, you would get some form of nesting from group tagging as the children of the group inherit the name of the parents, grandparents, etc. as tags.

Actual nested tags are constructed in the Tags group of a database.