Creating new files...

Hi folks!

In my daily work I am forced to rely on M$ products, most of all Word and Excel. At the moment I am trying out to not import files in DT Pro, but to just index those files. It seems to work quite well. However, I find it extremely annoying to create new files in the Finder and then having to synchronize those new files manually.

It would be great if DT could somehow make M$ Word create a new file and synchronize/index this file automatically afterwards. I am no developer, so I have no idea if this is possible at all. Maybe it could be done by some script.

One more question: What happens, if I open an indexed (not imported!) file from DT Pro with the “Open externally…” command, make some changes and save them. Are those changes incorporated into the DT index automatically? If not, well, please add this to my wishlist!

Best regards,

Hello Christian,

You may want to check out the new Automator functionality in the 1.0 release later today. There are some example workflows “Start your Workday” and “End your Workday” that could help you with the synchronisation of files you work on during the day and you want to synchronise them with the database.

I have no copy of M$ Office but you could change the workflow to create some simple script to create a new document in Office from within DT Pro. Maybe some M$ forum can help you with finding a script to accomplish this.