Creating New Group

(DT Pro 2.2.1)

Is there a quick way of creating New Group Folders? I created a new database, and want to have 25/30 New Group Folders, without having to click on the icon that many times. Is that possible? Thanks.

Well, you could hold down CMD-SHIFT and tap N thirty times rapidly …

(shouldn’t take more than 10 seconds :slight_smile:)

Or, you could write 30 lines in a text editor (names of thirty groups), select all and copy the lines to the clipboard, and run the following script:

	set str to the clipboard as Unicode text
on error
end try

tell application id "DNtp"
	tell current database
		repeat with oLine in (paragraphs of str)
			create location oLine
		end repeat
	end tell
end tell

Fantastic! Thank you both