Creating new groups with Ctrl-Cmd-N is aggrevating!

I’m using the 3 pane view in DTP 1.3.2 (Cmd-Opt-6), and I’m finding that the new style of group creation is an enormous PITA.

For some reason, the old behavior of creating a sibling group was changed to that of a child group, except that the following are now serious issues:

  • When I’m on a group and try to create a new group, it makes the new group a child. However, it does not expand the group if I’m creating the first new child. So, I actually have to mouse over, expand the group I’m on, in order to set the name of the new group.

  • I often want to create a set of siblings all at once. I cannot do this anymore. If I select a group to create a child, then name it, my focus is now on the group I just made. If I press Cmd-Ctrl-N to make a new group, it becomes a child of the one I just made – plus, it’s not expanded (see previous bullet) which means a whole lot of mousing just to rename it and move it so that it finally becomes a new sibling.

This behavior is relatively new, as I don’t recall experiencing this kind of aggrevation before. I guess I’ll just have to write an Applescript to create a new sibling group, but I thought the developers would like to know that it’s driving me crazy! :slight_smile: