Creating New Note in DTP Options?

I’m a new user. So far, I’ve been either importing or selecting snippets and bringing them into DTP.
What I would also like to be able to do, and am unable to find out how so far, is this.
Easily/quickly create a new “note” (or document… whatever you call it). Currently I use Stickies to jot things down. Then, I highlight and do a Clip to DevonThink.
I’ve seen allusion to it being possible via the Dock, but unless I’m missing it, it only works if you have something highlighted.

I guess what I’m asking is – can I skip the Stickies step?

It --seems-- that DevonNote offers this, but as far as I can tell, DTP does not.

I’m probably missing it. I hope that is the case.

Thanks for taking the time to shine a light. :slight_smile:


Try this: Click on the Sorter to open the panel. Now click on the little ‘Note’ icon at the bottom. The Sorter has become a note panel.

Thanks, Bill!


Less cumbersome is to set a hot key for this in the Sorter preferences.


Is it possible to set a hot key to save and close the note taker in the sorter after a note is created. As it is now it seems that I must click on save to end the note session. It would be better to be able to operate the whole thing from the keyboard if possible: hot key to open (as is), type your note, hot key to save and close (not currently available). Please consider this… Thanks.

Command-M always minimizes an open Sorter to the side
Command-S saves a note and minimizes the Sorter

Thanks, I didn’t notice those commands. They work and that makes it super useful… most of the time, because for some reason in my testing just now they don’t ALWAYS work and sometimes I have to switch out of the sorter and back in to make the key commands you mention work… check it out for a possible bug.

other nice notetaking option: the notes-widget of DTPO.You find it in the Extras folder.

Then you just press the widgets-button on your keyboard. Take your note, save thats it.

My guess is because it doesn’t receive focus anymore and since we are breaking the Human Interface Guidelines it’s not immediately obvious.

I don’t know, it’s not consistent. If I am in Safari, bring up the note taker in the Sorter via key command, type and hit CMND-S it saves. I then bring it up again, type, and hit CMND-S and it does not save.

I’m sorry but I can’t reproduce that here at the moment…

No problem, it could be a conflict on my end. It looks that in normal usage, not testing, it should work just fine. I just discovered this way to take notes today so I have not used it much, but will from now on, it is exactly the quick kind of note taking I need for DT. Thanks.