Creating one database

When I open DevonThink Pro 2 databases appear in my OPEN DATABASES. I had previously tried to create one database but two still appear. Both have crosses after them. What do the crosses mean? Should I bother to shape the two open databases into the one or can I just leave it? My apologies if this inquiry has been covered elsewhere. Thanks for your help.

The crossed pencil icon shows a permissions issue. You shouldn’t be able to really change these databases.

Where are the databases located?

Dear BLUEFROG, Thank you so much for your reply. In answer to your question, I have two folders in my Documents folder, one Devontech_storage (2K) and another, DevonThink Content.dtBase2 (16.39 GB). I also have folder showing up when I use spotlight called DEVONthink Pro2 (88.5MB). I presume that the ‘biggy’ is the main one and I don’t understand what the other two are. Does that assist you with working out what the problem is? Thanks again for your help to date. Garry

DEVONtech_storage is created when you export using File > Export > Files and Folders. It is created automatically and would be used by DEVONthink for certain metadata if you were to later re-import that folder. It can be safely deleted.

The DEVONthink Pro2 folder contains the DEVONthink program.

Try this…

  1. Right-click (Control-click) the database and choose “Show in Finder”.
  2. Quit DEVONthink.
  3. In the Finder, remove the .dtBase2 extension from the database file. The operating system will ask if this is ok - it is.
  4. Press Command-I to bring up the Info window.
  5. At the bottom make sure the permissions for your Account are set to “Read & Write”.
  6. Click the button with the gear icon choose “Apply to enclosed items…”.
  7. After this, add the .dtBase2 extension to the file and double-click it to relaunch DEVONthink.

Thank you for your help. I am following your steps. When I press the gear icon I get “Revert changes” as the only option. Also, on sharing and permissions I have changed everything to Read & Write whereas previously I (garrysturgess) had that right but not “staff” and “everyone”. I changed staff and everyone to read and write too. I am the only one who uses DevonThink and the computer it is on. I await any further thoughts, although you have been very generous with your time, even so. I appreciate it. With best wishes,Garry


I’ve discovered why I might be making such a hash of this. It turns out that not only do I have a DEVONthink Pro.dtBae2.(16.39GB)in my Documents folder but also 4 DEVONthink folders in my DropBox (Barry Jones In Search of Lost Time.dtBase2 (113.1MB); DevonThink Content.dtBase2 (551.1 MB); Documentary Making.dtBase2 (11.7 MB); Garry Sturgess.dtBase2 (299 MB). I also have DEVONthink (61.9 MB)in my applications folder. I had originally tried to sort out locating my DEVONthink in Dropbox when reading it was unstable to it this way. So I put a folder in my Documents but must not have tidied up the folders in DropBox. Now I’ve confused everything I’m afraid. I would appreciate whatever steer you could give me on this. My aim is to just have the one database where everything resides. With aplogies, Garry

I advise against storing DEVONthink databases in Dropbox, as damage can result.

Suggestion: Quit the DEVONthink application. Move the database files from Dropbox to a new Finder folder on your Desktop.

Launch the DEVONthink application. If you have sometimes worked in the database copy that was in Dropbox and sometimes in the copy stored in your Documents folder, open the copy that had previously been in Dropbox and attempt to identify items that had been added to it. Select them and export them to a new Finder folder. Close that copy of the database and open the ‘normal’ copy of it, then export the items above.

Afterwards, press File > Open Recent and choose the option ‘Clear Menu’ to purge memory of the database copies that will no longer be used.

Thanks a lot Bill, I will try this and attempt to sort out this mess I’ve created. I’ll keep you posted. With best wishes, Garry