Creating PDF annotations from Applescript

Is there a way to create PDF annotations in DTPO from Applescript? I was checking through the applescript dictionary and didn’t see a way…

Could you give us a little more detail about how you envision this would work? There are many forms of annotations, and ways to place them on a PDF page. What’s the automation going to do?

I have a template based on the Annotation template which I use to categorize PDFs I have. The PDFs are D&D adventures from various sources, and the template lets me note the levels, geography, etc of the adventure.

When I use the template, I’d like to add a text annotation with a link to the PDF to the new document created by the template. The annotation template already puts the url in the url field of the metadata, but that’s less visible for me, so I’d like a more prominent annotation in the body of the PDF itself.

Got it. DT doesn’t support scripting annotations, but Skim has extensive AppleScript support for notes. So for the note-making portion of your script you’d want to tell Skim to do that piece. Should be rather straight forward to do what you’re looking for. (Obviously, Skim is freeware.)