Creating Rich Text links

I use Rich Text documents to tie everything together – notes, PDFs, bookmarks, etc.

I’d prefer a two-step link process. Step 1 to create the target for a link. Step 2 to select text in a document to make into a link.

Similar to a Format > Ruler > Copy/Paste Ruler operation. Not the manual link destination entry required in Format > Link… Or the navigation routine required in Make Link… from the contextual menu.

And as suggested by others, selected text in the same or another Rich Text document as an option for a link target in addition to the choice of an entire document by name.

Did you try Edit > Copy Item Link and to paste this link?

I’m sorry about not being clear. As long as we are stuck only linking to an entire document, I was simply suggesting a clean up of the link copy/paste routine.

A routine similar to ruler copy/paste without the interim step of a Link Destination dialog. Moving the Copy Item Link from under Edit. Consolidating Link… and Make Link into a single entry under Format.

Format > Link > Show Destination
Copy Link Destination
Make Link (Paste Destination)

Show Destination would produce the Link Destination dialog which would allow editing or entry of a destination path.

The same approach would also work if a linking to selected text feature was implemented in the future.

Also, I don’t get what the Make (Make/Remove) button is doing when Automatic WikiLinks is off. Why not open the Link Destination dialog after a click on the Make Link button? I don’t want a Wiki template.

Basically the Format menu contains command for rich texts (and web archives) but the Edit > Copy Item Link command isn’t limited to rich texts, not even to DEVONthink.

Thanks for the clarification. I was not aware of the philosophy behind differences in the Edit and Format menu items.

Okay, leave Copy Item Link under Edit, but I’d still suggest the consolidation of Link functions under Format and getting them grouped together and away from Spacing…, List…, and Table….

Even if you are essentially duplicating the link copy function: Copy Item Link under Format and Link > Copy Link Destination under Format.